The Business Lessons these 10 Great Movies Teach Us

As part of BusinessZone Movie Week, Lucie Mitchell spoke to entrepreneurs to find out what business lessons they have learnt from their favourite movies. The films chosen include The Godfather and Jerry Maguire and the business leader's insights show us a different perspective and allow us to take away new things from these old films.

The Social Network (2010)

"What struck me about this film was that the creation of a business all boils down to one simple need," says Laurence Coen, founder of Glorious Day. "If you as a consumer have a need and pursue it hard enough, but still can't find a solution, you know you have an opportunity on your hands."

Gareth Jones, co-founder at the Welsh Innovation Centre for Enterprise, adds that the film taught him that the best ideas are unstoppable no matter what your background is.

"If you can find a way to turn the fervent belief many people have in their own ideas into the focus required to make them a success, you can achieve anything if the concept your drive is based on have been properly thought out in the first place."

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What business lessons have you learned from films?

Author: Lucie Mitchell

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