Is your boss a narcissist?

Bosses 'often narcissists' claims business school

A new study has claimed that many top job managers suffer from the personality disorder narcissism.

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Narcissists possess the ability to take tough decisions and have been said to be preoccupied with visions of success and power. Their traits also include an incredible amount of self-confidence which is an attractive strength in interviews.

However, these skills could be seen as a blessing and a curse because their level of self-importance may not make them the best leaders or good for the business they work for.

The research was conducted by the BI Norwegian Business School who looked at 3,200 people applying for leadership training at an armed forces officer school.

Every applicant took an interview as well as undergoing a personality test to see whether any of them showed signs of narcissism and suffered from the disorder – and found that the individuals who did well in the interview also received top marks for narcissism.

The research was carried out by Christian Grimso, who said that even though people with these traits appeal to recruiters, they “lack the ability to relate to others”.

He also claimed that their personality can lead to, “poor leadership performance” as they generally, “run their own agenda”, not concerning themselves with the wellbeing of others in their environment.

“People with narcissistic personality disorders will be interested in dominance, status, recognition, power and admiration. They may not think twice about using others to achieve their goals,” Grimso added.

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